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Relationship Issues

Relationships are the framework of our society. They can be with family, people in school, those at work, or our significant others, humans are designed to live in communities. Our biology knows that we do better together because we are safer and are able to get more done. However, the stressors and demands of modern life often get in the way of how we relate and get along with each other. Issues can arise that, if not taken care of, will grow and cause dissatisfaction in the relationship. With couples, this can be especially difficult since their lives are often very much tied together. Some people get angry and treat each other poorly, some look outside the relationship for comfort, while others just lose interest altogether.

Effective communication between individuals is a key factor to being able to get along, relationships can be incredibly rewarding when they go well. Another key factor is for people to feel comfortable with themselves. When they feel comfortable, they usually relate better. Therapists often help people, especially couples, to learn how to be happier and more satisfied within their relationship.

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