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Ken's Approach

No one form of therapy fits everyone. We all have our own unique needs and personalities. I get to know the people I am working with so that we can co-create a plan that is right for them. As a male psychotherapist, I am also very aware of the special issues that men face today. No matter what style or methods used, I am always active and engaged.

My Counseling Psychology education and training have been based in the theoretical framework of Depth Psychology. Depth Psychology pays close attention to how the unconscious mind influences how we experience life. Therapists who have been trained in Depth theory investigate unconscious motivations and drivers. It is also closely related to the psychodynamic approach.

Once we understand where our behaviors come from, we can often gain better control over them or modify them if desired. I then work with clients by drawing from modalities known as behavioral therapies (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy), Narrative Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, just to name a few. For couples, I pay special attention to attachment styles. I bring attachment theory into my work with couples on a regular basis. These approaches help to modify behaviors and understand emotions that may be driving them.

I also draw from my years of entrepreneurial and business experience to help those who are struggling to balance their career and life. I have lived the pressures and challenges that can easily rob us of our energy, and prevent us from enjoying our accomplishments. I can help to create plans to improve balance and life enjoyment.

Most importantly, we work together to achieve the results you are seeking.

I help clients with:

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