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Serious Man

As a Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS II), I know that anger is a common and appropriate emotion in some cases. It can even be healthy to express that we feel angry. Some people repress their anger and then they explode when they can not hold it in any longer. This can become dangerous. Others get angry immediately over simple things. This too is not safe nor healthy. Anger can be very difficult to understand, and often we don't know why we feel angry. Depression, anxiety, and shame can all cause us to feel angry. Or, deeply rooted fears can cause anger reactions, like the fear of being hurt, or fear of abandonment. As a male therapist, I can understand, first hand, how not fully understanding how express oneself, can lead to problems.

Anger can be a dangerous emotion if it is not understood and properly manged. Fortunately, people can get help with understanding and managing their anger. I am trained in strategies and tools that can help us to get it in check.

Anger Management
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