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Family Therapy 

I help families learn how to live better together.

Each family has a personality of its own. Its own way of being, its own system of doing things. Sometimes what has worked in the past no longer works well for the family and there is conflict. Often members of the family transition from one life phase to another, causing friction and anxiety within the family unit. 

We work together to identify the main stressors and then create a plan to get the family back on track.

Common life transitions that can cause discomfort within a family are:

  • A new baby

  • A new job

  • Loss of a job

  • Moving to a new home or city

  • When children become teens

  • Serious illness

  • When kids leave for college

  • Infidelity

  • Loss of a loved one

Family therapy, family counseling
Parenting Coaching

There are more demands than ever on parents today. The level of involvement and perfection required to be a "good" parent is daunting. Balancing being a supportive and loving parent with having a career and an adult life, often seems impossible. I work with parents and families to help them find their way forward, making the most of what life has to offer. Doing your best for your kids does not mean ignoring your own needs. Happy, well-regulated parents make happy, well-regulated kids. Whether your kids are young or older, I will help you move life in the direction you desire. 


How does it work?

Once we understand your goals and the obstacles to getting there, we can deal with the practical and emotional needs of the family. From helping parents to cope better, to gaining real skills and a plan to run life more smoothly, your investment in your family can have a quick impact. Call or text today in order to get the ball rolling.


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