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Can anger be healthy?

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Anger is one of those strong emotions that gets a bad rap. The truth is that anger can be an important signal that someone (or something) is causing us real or perceived harm. Feeling angry isn’t the problem. How we respond to anger, however, can lead to all kinds of problems. For example, verbally or physically attacking others is detrimental for everyone.

Turning anger inward can also be harmful when it results in depression.

A challenge with anger is that many people react to it unconsciously. Therapy helps us learn how to pause and identify whether our anger is being caused by a present situation—or if it is being “triggered” by an event that occurred during childhood. Knowing the difference can benefit all of our relationships. Learning how to express anger constructively—and not destructively—can also be very empowering.

Healthy expression of anger always begins with awareness. The therapeutic journey is a process that requires persistence and practice. But the freedom that can be achieved is priceless.


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