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Depression and Anxiety


Most people can feel depressed occasionally.
But when it happens frequently, it is a problem. Depression steals our quality of life, leaving us unable to enjoy the good things in life, even the simple things. Depression can range from mild to severe, as well as can come and go. If you feel
that depression is weighing you down, reducing your joy and satisfaction, it may be time to seek out therapy in order to start feeling better.


Anxiety can cause us to feel stressed all of
the time. There are many different types of anxiety, and finding out what is causing the anxiety is very important. Sometimes anxiety takes over, greatly reducing our ability to enjoy our life. When anxiety becomes severe it shows up as obsessive thoughts and behaviors (sometimes called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). It can also lead to things like eating disorders, phobias, social problems, and substance abuse. No one should have to live with these feelings.

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